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Basketball World Cup final

Nba2k13 Introduction preferred sport

2022-06-28 11:02Basketball World Cup final
Summary: Nba2k13 MC mode introductionWhat position do you want to ask, the main PG to play, first choose PG to recommend two types, one sports type and one three-point type These two completely depend on what
Nba2k13 MC mode introduction
What position do you want to ask, the main PG to play, first choose PG to recommend two types, one sports type and one three-point type These two completely depend on what you are good at, breakthrough or score The first choice is to run and jump in the early stage And the speed is very expensive at 13 miles (the later one point speed is more than 500 sp
Introduction to NBA 2k13 game lens playback solution
Generally speaking, the first highlight of my second quarter is played back normally (that is to say, you can normally watch the wonderful playback of your first beautiful smash in the second quarter.) and from the second wonderful scene, the problem arisesWhat is the strategy of NBA 2k13 center
Career mode professional difficulty style simulation 12 minutes of playing with the keyboard without any change. At present, the figure value is 69218140 kg, and the center can play 50 points and 20 boards per game. If it is not for grabbing the board, 70 points is not a problem. First, let's taNba2k13 Introduction  preferred sportlk about scoring. As we play with the keyboard, we don't have many means. 1:。How to set the key in the stand-alone game nba2k13
Nba2k13, as a basketball game, the setting of its operating keys is quite important. Only the keNba2k13 Introduction  preferred sportys that are suitable for you can play like a flowing cloud. These wonderful actions are made by the combination of these keys. Here is the keyboard setting of the PC versionNba2k13 how to dunk, details
The detailed steps of nba2k13 dunk are as follows: lower the center of gravity and dribble to the boundary line outside the three second zoNba2k13 Introduction  preferred sportne. Start pushing in. It's better not to press the acceleration button directly to hit in. Under the difficulty of hall of fame, it is best to slowly move and adjust the position. It is possible to retreat if you accelerate to hit the other partyPoint sending question: Discussion on nba2k13 career strategy experience
I played PG on the 13th and started playing inside on the 14th. I don't know if I can get these 100 points... I often don't grasp the timing of shooting well. So let's forget about CIC. Generally, they run without the ball, run backward to get away from their opponents, and then ask for the ball to slam. I found that generally if you make a pick and roll motionHow can nba2k13 be air connected? Specific methods of air relay operation
Specific operation method of nba2k13 air relay: air contact is to hit the key and pass the ball. It takes certain conditions to press the two keys at the same time to trigger the air contact, or it will become a pass key. Key to realize the condition of air connection: it is necessary to grasp the opportunity of air connection in the competition. Air transmissionNba2k13 keyboard operation method
Many players use the keyboard when playing nba2k13, so today Xiaobian will teach you all the operation methods in the keyboard, hoping to help you in the gameNba2k13 career mode novice introduction
The rookie competition is the easiest to get high scores in two situations. One is the PG with assists, and the other is the SG with scores. Before the rookie is young, there is a translation onNba2k13 Introduction  preferred sport Baidu. In addition, other websites of nomad XingKong are provided with Chinese packages. The next one will be much easier. I won't elaborate on this. There are many more on the Internet
How does nba2k13 relay in the air? Detailed explanation of air connection operation skills
Nba2k13 Chinese version 。
Nba2k13 Introduction preferred sport

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