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Nba2k16 setting go to option 2 at the bottom

2022-06-29 13:01Basketball World Cup final
Summary: Nba2k16 how to set keyboard keys1. Go to the bottom option 2 The handle must be inserted!!! Only when the second controller setting option is selected in my diagram, this is the most stupid place of 2
Nba2k16 how to set keyboard keys
1. Go to the bottom option 2 The handle must be inserted!!! Only when the second controller setting option is selected in my diagram, this is the most stupid place of 2K. No handle is inserted, and the controller modification options are not displayed. 3 After entering, the setting screen will appearHow to set the key position of nba2k16 handle
Note: the default key position of the PC version of 2k16 has changed significantly this year. Players who need it can modify the keyboard control in the settingsNba2k16 video setting material details
The first is the adjustment of the graphics card settings. The only option for different models to ensure smooth adjustment is anti aliasing. The gtx880m can also guarantee more than 30 frames under 8-32, but it is very unstable. It often gets stuck, so it is adjusted to 4-16. Later, it is adjusted to 2-2 for the best smoothness, depending on your personal situationHow to set the mobile nba2k16 to the Chinese version
First of all, players with such problems usually use the Codex cracking group games. Then we need a siNba2k16 setting  go to option 2 at the bottommple adjustment. Find steam in the root directory of the game_ api. INI file, open it, find the column language=english, and change English to ChineseHow to set key position on nba2k16 keyboard
When setting the nba2k16 keyboard, do not repeat the keys, otherwise conflicts will occur. After setting, remember to click saveini to save your configuration file, then click OK, and then open the game. In the main interface menu, select the last function / option, and the controller will be set one moreWhat are the ways of ASO optimization
 "Teak gull ASO" has done quite well in ASO. It has been focusing on the optimization of the app store. Because it is focused, it is professional; Focus oNba2k16 setting  go to option 2 at the bottomn the overall solution optimization services such as app store download volume optimization, score optimization, keyword ranking optimization, keyword coverage, product weight enhancement, etc. - the global ASO optimization service provider has focused on ASO optimization for 11 years! (there is no charge if the effect cannot be expressed). Basic optimization helps customers optimize the title, subtitle, keyword and description of the app in major app stores. Advanced optimization adds download increment to the app, improves the coverage of keywords, optimizes scores, and increases the brand image of the product. High level optimization optimizes and improves the ranking of core effective keywords, so as to obtain the most accurate usersNba2k16 change key position
We now open nba2k16. The operation methods are as follows: first, enter the bottom option 2, and the handle must be inserted!!! The second controller setting option selected in my diagram will appearHow to set the nba2k16 season mode coach to manual, everyone
AftNba2k16 setting  go to option 2 at the bottomer entering the nba2k16 dynasty mode, set the menu - Settings - coach settings, and then set the automatic mode to manual mode; Or after entering nba2k16, set - tactical setting - coach setting, and set the automatic to manualNba2k16 mobile game injury settings
Log in to nba2k16 mobile game account and click my iNba2k16 setting  go to option 2 at the bottomn the lower right corner. Then enter the setting interface, where there is an impact taskbar. Right click to select settings to directly open the injury settingsNba2k16 how to set the image quality setting method
1、 Game screen setting entry method players click the 2K NAV option in the lower right corner of the home menu to enter the game system menu. When you slide down to the options option, click to enter, and you can see the game image quality adjustment key video settings. You can set the game image in the settings menuNba2k16 keyboard change key setting method how to change the keyboard
Here is vjoysetup. This is installed directly without startup, and then your computer defaults to the right handle. Open nba2k16, go to options → options → second controller setting, and you will reach the setting interface. If you have a good memory, you can look at the corresponding buttons in the row. Take photos and screenshots if you have a bad memory
Nba2k16 setting go to option 2 at the bottom

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