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Basketball World Cup final

Spoof the NBA

2022-06-23 20:05Basketball World Cup final
Summary: What are the funny mascots of NBA teamsNBA looks ugly, but it is a very gentle mascot, spurs and coyote. If we say that the rocket bear is fierce, it has become our favorite mascot. The little wild wo
What are the funny mascots of NBA teams
NBA looks ugly, but it is a very gentle mascot, spurs and coyote. If we say that the rocket bear is fierce, it has become our favorite mascot. The little wild wolf, the mascot of the Spurs, is just the opposite, which Spoof the NBAis different from the flow obtained by the rocket bear playing tricks on othersWhat can the NBA make the most of
It used to be Shaquille O'Neal. It's estimated that it will be Howard if he doesn't play tomorrow. (but I still feel inferior to O'Neill)
What can the NBA do to confuse the true with the false
It is believed that fans who like basketball have watched NBA games more or less, which can not only enable fans to learn a lot of basketball skills, but also gain many NBA stars they like during this period. Superstars such as Jordan, Kobe Bryant and James have captured the hearts of a large number of fansOnline spoof NBA. Everyone thinks it's great. Who knows the original
Is that it? LeBron, Wade, bosh, McGrady, Howard, leford, Durant, Garnett, Westbrook, Scola, Ginobili, Duncan, curry, harden, Lin Shuhao, Asik, Parker, Pippen, sabonis, Olajuwon, Drexler, Barkley, Nowitzki, Kaman, hibitWho are the basketball players who are widely teased by fans
Rocket: the first is the famous jamesharden. The more famous nickname is beard and body mauden. The reason is that the beard is very long, very long, very long. I think Gooden and Stevenson didn't grow that long when they bet not to shave for a year. The second is the player who can cheat fouls most in the NBAA spoof of NBA stars to see which is the most aSpoof the NBAggressive
Nominated by: Durant of death version and James of mieba version pictures from: Ball news sports, and moreWho knows where to see NBA stars' pranks or shocking pictures
Go to the post bar, 2K 2K11. Many signature files are good GIF dynamic pictures
What link does wechat have that can get you into the NBA draft is a joke
Let a friend send a link to your wechat account throuSpoof the NBAgh his wechat account. When you click the link, the link will be displayed in the wechat built-in browser, and then you can share the link with your wechat account by clicking the button in the upper right corner of wechatWhat are the enduring rumors about the NBA
Griffin has a nickname called "short Fen" to describe his short arm span. There are endless pranks about his short arm span. Griffin's wingspan is not excellent, but his 2.08 height wingspan is 2.11, which is normal. Obviously it was just a joke. 6: Although not 6:nba players' free throws are accurateWhat are the funny P charts of NBA players
In real life, there is such a funny phenomenon. If you ask a passer-by who doesn't know the NBA, do Spoof the NBAyou know XXX star? The other side will be confused, but if you take out the picture of the star and show it to the other side, maybe the other side will show an expression of enlightenment
Spoof the NBA

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