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Nba2kol step back

2022-06-23 20:06Basketball World Cup final
Summary: In nba2konline, how do you operate the backward step, European step and turn aroundBackward step operation method: keyboard operation (default nba2kol-x key position): press and hold the [w] key to st
In nba2konline, how do you operate the backward step, European step and turn around
Backward step operation method: keyboard operation (default nba2kol-x key position): press and hold the [w] key to start back. Press and hold the [move in direction] key in the opposite direction of the basketWhy nba2k online suddenly retreats
Now, there are more than 20 ways to press the ghost step. You can go to the 2K official website forum to have a look. Someone has posted that the ghost step is actually a kind of jump step with a large distance. In fact, the principle of ghost step is the same. Ghost step is through dribblingHow to use the backward step in nba2kol
The backward step is a basic action in 2K. It can Nba2kol step backbe used from the top to the bottom to the students. However, it needs skills to use it well. First of all, the essence of this action is the suddenness. This is reflected in that you can open the distance with your opponent at the moment of moving the ball forward and suddenly jumping back, so as to score easy jump shotsNba2kol's methods of various unique skills (operation skills)
Nba2kolsg singles skills later 1 Take the backward step shooting of the shooting bag to open the space. Take the left direction to the left as an example, press and hold the acceleration + ←↑ to move to the left for a certain distance, release the ↑ key and press and hold ↓ + shooting to make a backward step jump shotNba2k online how to operate the backward step jump shot
Players should pay attention to the fact that they must not press the shift key while pressing keys. If they use the shift key when pressing keys, they will turn around. Nba2kol players must pay attention. Players who have learned the nba2kol backward step jump shot must practice a lot on the driving range. Only when they are familiar can they become skillfulHow to press the button for nba2kol backward step jump shot
Haha, the step back is a necessary technical action for playing 2kol, especiaNba2kol step backlly for players playing outside. In facNba2kol step backt, the operation is very simple. You just need to press w+a+d in turn. You can try itNba2konline what is the button for players to step back
2K viewing angle is &\11013 on the left&# 65039; Add w&\10133; a. Press &\10145 on the right&# 65039;&# 10133; W plus a, the middle is &\11015&# 65039; Add w&\10133; a. It looks like your layup bag
Nba2k20 how to press the backward step
When controlling the player to dribble, immediately press the opposite direction of the basket and immediately press the shooting button, which will make the player make a shooting Nba2kol step backaction after retreating from the basketNba2kol turn button? Step back button? How to defend? I can't keep up with others
Turn around, I won't retreat. The step is w+a (under the default button condition). Defend and release one step. Predict the breakthrough route. Timely clamp and follow the non ball players. The route of passing from the ball player to the non ball player is very likely to be broken
How does nba2konline fake and retreat
If you want to take a step backward, you can just press the shooting button. If you want to take a step backward, it is w+ back, which is an ordinary backward pull. You can also take a step backward. If you can take a step backward and throw directly, you can +w+a. hope to adopt it
Nba2kol step back

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