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2022-06-23 20:38Basketball World Cup final
Summary: Why has Ginobili only been selected as an all star twice in his NBA careerGinobili has only been selected as an all star twice in his NBA career. The fundamental reason is that the stars are not good
Why hasNBA Ginobili Ginobili only been selected as an all star twice in his NBA career
Ginobili has only been selected as an all star twice in his NBA career. The fundamental reason is that the stars are not good enough. Ginobili is a core member of the SpursWhy does Ginobili always play as a substitute in the NBA
Ginobili has always been a very characteristic player in the NBA. He has the spirit and imagination of South American players. At the same time, he is no weaker than any other player in the same position in the NBA in terms of physical confrontation and technical charactNBA Ginobilieristics. Many people think he is “ Magic sabre ”, Someone else compared him to JordanHow do you evaluate Ginobili's announcement to retire from the NBA and end his 16 year legendary career
But fortunately, he met the biggest bolopovich in his life. Under the guidance of Popovich, he gradually grew into the best sixth man in the league. The GDP combination composed of him, Duncan and Parker has defeated all sides in the NBA, and has become a strong contender for the championship. Ginobili is very flexible on the courtHow did Ginobili perform in five NBA Finals in his career
He helped the Spurs reach the finals five times, four of which were successful. What about his personal performance? In 2003, there was no sense of existence, and in 2005, it was worth fmvp. Ginobili was the 28th show in the second round in 1999, and the Spurs chose him entirely on Taobao. After that, he honed in EuropeGinobili is an Argentine player. Is he the strongest Argentine player in the NBA
An American media not only published its birthday wishes on social media, but also asked people whether Ginobili was the sixth king in NBA history? It seems that according to the data given by the media, it is no exaggeration for Popovich to compare Ginobili to "Kobe on the bench"Ginobili's achievements in the NBA are not outstanding, but why can he gain a large number of fans
Manuginobili, who has been a substitute for more than half of his NBA career, has been compared with Kobe Bryant from time to time, and even won the reputation of "20 minute Jordan". The "GDP" formed by him, Duncan and Parker is the iron triangle with the most wins in the playoffs. Manuginobili has played thousands of games in NBA history
What NBA Ginobiliare the five highlights of Ginobili's NBA career
Ginobili has had a lot of highlights in his 16 years of NBA career. The following five can be called representatives. The first 48 points. In the Spurs vs. suns game on January 21, 2005, Ginobili scored 16 of 22, 5 of which were 3-pointers. He scored 48 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists and 1 steals, helping the Spurs beat the Suns 128-123 awayWhen did manuginobili officially enter the NBA
At the draft conference in 1999, an Argentine player in the 57th place of the second round was selected by the San Antonio Spurs. He was manu · Ginobili, but at this time, he did not enter the NBA for the first time. Instead, he officially stepped on the NBA stage in 2002. And in the intervening two yearsWhat is Manu Ginobili's position on the NBA history scoring list
Emmanuel David "manu" Ginobili, from Argentina, as a foreign player who entered the NBA at the age of 25, has spent most of his career as the sixth person. Ginobili is not high in the scoring list, with a total score of 13470, which is beyond the 100 in the historical scoring listGinobili is called Jordan of ArNBA Ginobiligentina. Why is he so popular in Argentina
Any player who has a successful NBA career will have a high popularity in the local area. For example, Yao Ming is to China, and Gasol is to Spain. The success of Ginobili's NBA career is higher than that of Yao Ming and no worse than that of Gasol. Therefore, he is very popular in the local area and becomes the pride of the local people. Ginobili 1999
NBA Ginobili

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