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Nba2k online skills

2022-06-29 09:04Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: Nba2k online how to press the European stepNba2kol European step pressing method: release the acceleration key during the progress, press and hold the ball holding direction key when approaching the b
Nba2k online how to press the European step
Nba2kol European step pressing method: release the acceleration key during the progress, press and hold the ball holding direction key when approaching the basket (press the left ball in the left hand and press the right ball in the right hand) + w+d, provided that there must be someone in front, and no one can do it (that is, in the training field), and there must be a layup spaceWho knows the breakthrough skills of nba2k online
In nba2k online, the most important point of breakthrough is not to press the acceleration key before breakthrouNba2k online skillsgh. Only when you use the fake action combination to shake out the space, and then press it to accelerate in the neutral direction, the effect is the best. Don't dribble with the ballNba2k online dribbling skills and how to dribble
》In this game, dribbling is the basic skill. Good dribbling means good walking, and good walking is a prerequisite for attack and defense. Xiaobian has sorted out the following dribbling skills in nba2k online. If you make good use of these skills, your basic skills will be greatly improvedNba2kol's methods of various unique skills (operation skills)
Nba2kolsg singles skills later 1 Take the backward step shooting of thNba2k online skillse shooting bag to open the space. Take the left direction to the left as an example, press and hold the acceleration + ←↑ to move to the left for a certain distance, release the ↑ key and press and hold ↓ + shooting to make a backward step jump shotFootwork skills in nba2konline (such as European step, snake step, etc.)
The European step has nothing to do but move forward! Don't, um, speed up!! Run a little in front of the free throw line w+c turn around and lay up w+v dream w+ ← throw forward +v it seems that you have to buy a bag and turn around and advance first {or you will become close to playing} accelerate +w release the acceleration ball in the left hand ←↓ → jump on the right hand and lay up w+xNba2k online operation key skills, how to dunk and lay up, etc
Shooting / steals: shooting when pressed in attack and steals when pressed in defense; Jump step / backboard, block: used when attacking. It can make jump step, which can usually avoid the defense of the other party. Defense is used to block the opponentNba2k online European step skills and how to use European step
Nba2kol European step key operation: press the direction key ↑ (press and hold) near the free throw line and then press the W key and the C key. Nba2k online European step skills: it is not recommended to fight on the street. It is better to fight Dynasty, freedom and confrontation. 2. grasp the opportunity and press the button when there is no one near the free throw lineHow does nba2konline turn and dribble? Is there any skill
Don't dribble after taking the ball. Press and hold the hit key + direction key combination until the ball is held back to the defender, aNba2k online skillsnd then defend. If the position is appropriate, you can turn back w+a. try to go to the official QQ of nba2konlineIntroduction to operating skills of nba2k Online
When breaking through the layup or dunk, press the shooting key d again, that is, when pressing the shooting key D for the first layup or dunk, quickly press the shooting key d again to complete the pull rod. Nba2k online is officially authorized by the NBANba2k online dribbling skills nba2k online how to dribble
Xiaobian has sorted out the following nba2k online dribbling skills for you. Making good use of these nba2k online dribbling skills will be of great help to improveNba2k online skills your basic skills. It goes without saying that the dribble LS controls the movement of players. How to make good use of RT and lt is the key to making correct choices in the game:
Nba2k online skills

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