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Nba2k13 black screen step 3: Mini image loading

2022-07-02 02:53Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: Nba2k13 black screenStep 2 after restarting the machine, there is a small icon of daemontools in the lower right corner. Left click and select "device x:[x:] "e; will ask you to load the game i
Nba2k13 black screen
Step 2 after restarting the machine, there is a small icon of daemontools in the lower right corner. Left click and select "device x:[x:] "e; will ask you to load the game image. Step 3 after the mini image is loaded, execute nba2k13.exe in NBA 2k13 directory to start the game. The problem of nba2k13 black screen is solved
The problem of nba2k13 entering the black screen has always been the black screen
2k13 is suitable for Wen 7 system, not XP Wen 732 like the previous 121. If you are Wen 7 or like this, it is estimated that it is the problem of your graphics card driver. You can download a versatile graphics card driver. Just do itAfter nba2k13 is turned on, it's just blank Nba2k13 black screen  step 3: Mini image loadingscreen, no sound, no image, no problem. What should I do
If the computer is connected to a wireless router with no external network but LAN, nba2k13 will go blank after entering the game. Just exit the game and disconnectNba2k13 black screen flash back
Chinese path if the game is installed in the Chinese directory, it will cause the game to fail to enter or flash back. It is recommended to install it in the full English directory. XP system if the computer system is XP, there may be a flash back phenomenon. This depends on the character. Some people don't flash back when playing, but some flash back. It is recommended to replace the systemWhy did nba2k13 go blank as soon as it was opened, and it was stuck without any response. Solve
1. There are defects in the packaging of game books, that is, there are deficiencies in the current game piracy and downloading. Maybe your computer hardware can't keep up. Is it the phenomenon of insufficient graphics card and memory. 3 is what is missing in the installation process. Is it your corresponding search. Your phenomenon is not described in detail. Difficult to analyze. LookNba2k13 black screen, what if I can't get into the game
Dear user, the smart phone has a black screen during use. It is recommended to try to press and hold the power button for 12 seconds to forcibly shut down, and then restart the phone; If your problem cannot be solved, please bring your purchase invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to the nearest customer service center for detection and processingAs soon as nba2k13 turned on the black screen, it quickly exited. How to fix it
You can check the hardware reasons first: the black screen of the computer is a relatively easy phenomenon, especially in some older computers or assembled computers. There are many reasons for the failure of the black screen of the computer, such as the damage of the display, the damage of the motherboard, the damage of the graphics card, the poor contact of the graphics card, the damage of the power supply, and the damage of the CPUHow to solve nba2k13 black screen flash back
Many players encounter troubles when downloading nba2k13. For example, the most common ones are black screen and flash back, and they don't know what the problem is. Xiaobian has pondered for a long time and found that the problem is still the crack patch. The following is Xiaobian's method to solve the black screen flash backWhy is nba2k13 blank when turned on?? (I've been playing for more than a month, and this just happened
And lead to the black screen phenomenon. Processing method: you can cut off the power first, open the car, pulNba2k13 black screen  step 3: Mini image loadingl out the memory, wipe it back and forth with an eraser against the part of the golden finger (that is, the place with copper chips), and then insert it back into a memory slot. It's OK. If there is an independent graphics card, yNba2k13 black screen  step 3: Mini image loadingou can also use the same method to process the graphics cardPlaying nba2k13 for a while will cause the screen to be blocked or blank. Why
When you switch to the task manager to check whether the CPU utilization is very high. If it is high, it is recommended not to open other applications when running 2K (for example, if your hardware configuration is not high). If you run other games wiNba2k13 black screen  step 3: Mini image loadingthout 2K card, if you use Chinese, you can return to English, or if you use a card, you can open the windowed running 2K
Nba2k13 black screen step 3: Mini image loading

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