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NBA Rodman Malone in Rodman's defense

2022-06-23 09:03Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: How fierce is NBA player RodmanMalone's strong body made it difficult for him to defend in the interior, while Rodman blocked Malone in the direct confrontation with Malone. In the first two games
How fierce is NBA player Rodman
Malone's strong body made it difficult for him to defend in the interior, while Rodman blocked Malone in the direct confrontation with Malone. In the first two games of the 1998 finals, Malone only handed over about 33% of his shooting percentage under Rodman's defense. O'Neal is absolutely the most dominant center in the NBACan you introduce NBA star Rodman
Can touch the softness in the hearts of many people, and friends who know this animation should also know that each dunk master actually has a prototype in the NBA, and sakuraki's prototype is Rodman. Rodman on the court always spares no effort to defend, to fight for every rebound, even for a ballRodman was elected NBA rebounder for seven consecutive years. Who ended his record
This person is too powerful. Rodman's fame is boundless. In the history of the NBA, many players are young and famous. Jordan Kobe Bryant is one of the representatives. However, Rodman became famous very late. He started very late and was the least noticed player at first. However, Rodman was not discouragedRearrange the top ten most powerful role players in the NBA. Rodman is only seventh. Do you know why
So who is the "king of technical criminals" in the NBA? Today, let's take a look. Fifth: "big bug" Rodman Rodman is only 2.01 meters tall, but his rebounding ability is very strong. He has won the rebounding king for 7 times in his career, and his defensive ability is also veryNBA Rodman  Malone in Rodman's defense excellent. He has won the best defensive player for 2 times in his career. AlthoughRodman has won seven rebounds. Why is the total number of rebounds ranked 23rd in the NBA
Because of his strong rebounding ability, Rodman has become a top defensive player in the NBA LeagueWhy did dennisrodman win the title of NBA rebounder for NBA Rodman  Malone in Rodman's defenseseven consecutive years
Dennis Rodman is a "rebounder" in the NBA. Why do you say so? BNBA Rodman  Malone in Rodman's defenseecause Rodman is very persistent in rebounding, he once scored 0 points and 28 rebounds in a single game during the Spurs' service. Rodman's NBA career lasted for 14 years, during which he won seven consecutive reboundsRodman, why is he said to be the most serious player in NBA
After entering the NBA, Rodman's scoring ability seems to begin to shrink. In the rookie season, Rodman averaged 5.1 shots in 15 minutes, 6.5 points, 4.3 rebounds and 0.7 assists. If this figure is converted into 36 minute efficiency, Rodman averages 15.6 points, 10.3 rebounds and 1.6 assists. Convert itHow did NBA player Rodman perform in the 6 finals
He has been selected as the all star for many times, becoming the best defensive player, and he has also been selected as the best defensive team. It can be said that Rodman has a place in the whole history of NBA. Rodman has reached the finals six times in his entire careerRodman is a rebounding monster in the Spurs. Why is he still traded by the Spurs
Rodman was 25 when he entered the NBA draft. He was selected by the pistons in the 27th overall draft in the second round. Although RodmanNBA Rodman  Malone in Rodman's defense averaged 25.7 points and 15.7 rebounds in college. However, Rodman's College League is not NCAA, but ncla, which belongs to the NCAA secondary League. Therefore, although Rodman's data in the university is good, the reference value is averageNBA history backboard maniac, Rodman with 0 points and 28 rebounds in a single game ranked second. Who else are on the list_ Baidu
Dennisrodman. He has 7 rebounds in his career and 11954 rebounds in his career, including 18.7 rebounds per game in the 91-92 season. He was a bad boy since childhood. He was arrested for stealing many times. He didn't have a goal until he started playing basketball at the age of 19. In 1986, as the second round draft, he was
NBA Rodman Malone in Rodman's defense

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