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Nba2k18 brush the badge the method is similar

2022-06-23 10:03Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: What are the bronze badges of nba2k18 MC professional impact basket scorerIn the MC career mode of nba2k17, players will get specific badges in the competition according to their career choices after
What are the bronze badges of nba2k18 MC professional impact basket scorer
In the MC career mode of nba2k17, players will get specific badges in the competition according to their career choices after they create players. The methods are similar. Today, I will bring the "happy" sharing of nba2k17 career badges. Let's take a look at the followingHow to quickly brush attribute badges and face sweeping skills in nba2k18 how to brush badges
The problem of face sweeping (a new attempt) face sweeping can basically achieve the effect that you want to use face patches. For example, if you want Kobe Bryant's face patch, it's very simple. We can sweep the face similarly to the effect of modifying the face patch. We sweep it out by ourselves. Have a sense Nba2k18 brush the badge  the method is similarof achievement! For example, if you want Kobe: enter mynba2k18 to scan your face and turn on the rear cameraNba2k18 l how to modify a badge with a large modifier
Enter the game interface, press F1, enter the MC mode when you are finished, cut out and click to refresh the list, switch back to the game, find your character's name in the list on the right, double-click it with the mouse, and then click the full micro chapter
How to brush the badge in nba2k19
First pick and roll your teammates, then ask them to pass the ball to you. Finally, you can shoot and score by yourself. You must score by yourself. Teammates' score does not count, and there is a time limit. After blocking and dismounting, you must shoot and score immediately. Otherwise, it does not count. You'd better get the coach badge on the court to brush it. Otherwise, it's very difficultWhat is the nba2k18 badge for
This badge is like the title or Rune in other games. It can bring additional attribute bonus to the player. Different badges bring different effects. There are seven shooting purple badges: catch shooter, long-range marksman, medium-range marksman, infinite range, corner expert, difficult shooter and tough scorerNba2k18 center how to brush the air contact Badge
Dunk, catching ability, shooting when blocked, strength, flexibility, bouncing, offensive consciousness. In short, as long as the running position is correct, the basic can be empty.. That's about it. There are also player's signature skills and speed in 2k13
Nba2k18 mobile badge how to unlock the badge for introduction
The first step to unlock the nba2k18 mobile badge is to enter my career after entering the game; Step 2: click 2K navigation, click 2K store, and there is an upgrade badge; The third step is to spend virtual currency to upgrade the badge; Step 4: all unlocked badges can be triggered to unlock in the gameNba2k18 dynasty mode rookies how to get badges
First of all, let's talk about the way to brush the ankle terminator badge. To increase the badge experiencNba2k18 brush the badge  the method is similare, we need to make a successful dribble cut. First of all, we need to have a fancy dribble action. After the fancy dribble, the breakthrough or sNba2k18 brush the badge  the method is similarhooting score will successfully increase the experience. The same goes for the pick and roll master badgeHow to brush the nba2k18 fancy passer Badge
When attacking, pressing the "hit the ground pass" twice in a row is a fancy pass. It is best to use it when two people are close and empty. After the fancy pass is passed out, press the pass key to brush it back and forth. In this way, the fancy passer's badge will be painted in several games
How to upgrade the badge of nba2k18 quickly
The actor and the spacer button are easy to brush. Choose the badge corresponding to the traiNba2k18 brush the badge  the method is similarning, and choose two-to-two pick and roll (the penultimate one). When entering the court, do not move. Pull the right rocker to the right and release it quickly. Make a slight right breakthrough fake. At the same time, the pick-up and remove team members will automatically come to the single gear (no active call)
Nba2k18 brush the badge the method is similar

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