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Nba2k18 Zhouqi or not to VC

2022-06-23 11:03Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: Nba2k18 how to brush VC quickly without competitionPersonal testing is the fastest method of this kind, because the 2k18 program must be refreshed after a brush, or the VC will not be given. It is bet
Nba2k18 how to brush VC quickly without competition
Personal testing is the fastest method of this kind, because the 2k18 program must be refreshed after a brush, or the VC will not be given. It is better to quit and enter my team than to quit again. Theoretically, this is the fastest speed I have found. I wonder if this method will be abolished in the future version. Anyway, it can be done nowNba2kol how is Zhou Qi? Who is better than O'Neill Wang Zhelin? For details
Zhou Qi is proud and has little hope of entering the NBA. O'Neill and Wang Zhelin have insufficient potential but have the ability to rule. Zhou Qi is too young, so both of them have their own potential. Zhou Qi, born on January 16th, 1996 in Xinxiang, Henan Province, is a professional basketball player in China. He is a professional center and plays for the CBA Xinjiang Flying Tigers. 2008All Rockets players' 2k18 ability values are exposed. Is Zhou Qi reasonable
Zhou Qi, a 2k18 rocket player, ranks second to last in the Rockets with an ability value of 69. As a rookie, his experience and physical quality are not enough. Indeed, compared with the ability values of others in the team, I think this is reasonable. Among all the players in the Rockets, James Nba2k18 Zhouqi  or not to VCHarden 95 has the highest 2K value, followed by Chris Paul 9
Which version of nba2k has Zhouqi
In nba2k, there are two versions of Zhou Qi: Zhou Qi, the NBA active version, whose in-game exchange price is 60 playerNba2k18 Zhouqi  or not to VC essence; Zhou Qi of cba16 version, the in-game exchange price is 8000 player essence. On january16,1996, Zhou Qi was born in Xinxiang, Henan Province. His father is 1.96 meters tall and his mother is 1.82 meters tallNba2k draft preliminary list has the year of Chinese players
《NBA2k17》。 There will be Chinese players in the nba2k draft preliminary list in the new work nba2k17. He is Zhou Qi, the new generation of Chinese Center. Zhou Qi, born in Xinxiang, Henan Province, is a Chinese male basketball player and a professional center. He is called the "big devil" by fans. Now he is playing for the southeast Melbourne Phoenix teamNba2k18 Li, what is Zhou Qi's ability value
Zhou Qi's ability value is 69, ranking second to last among the Rockets. Among all the players of the rocket team, the 2K value is the highest in James Harden 95, followed by Chris Paul 91. These two players form a class of their own. Then Eric Gordon 80, Capella 79, TVAR Ariza 78, Anderson 79, Nene 77, Mott 76, P.J. Tucker 7
Nba2k22 where is Zhou Qi
There is no Zhou Qi in nba2k22. Nba2k20 has Zhou Qi, who can be obtained through draft, player swap or gold coin purchaseChinese of nba2kol: Zhou Qi
。。。 Figure I won't verbally describe Zhou Qi's ability value. It's OK. Speed, you know the top 100. You know the power of the yellow race, and Zhou Qi is so thin and 70 capped (both of them think it's too much) by playing, Zhou Qi's back is only 120 in the NBA. If he is a close shot, he has an advantage in height, but in the NBAHow can nba2k18 achieve 90 scores quickly
Always wanted to trade teammates at level 90. It turns out that this is not possible. Level 90 can only choose to trade players from other teams. Then the manager selects the matching transaction. It may not be a successful deal yet. Another ability is to choose the playing time of his teammates (Zhou Qi has averaged 30 minutes) and another ability is to affect free agents. FeelingNba2k18 how to transfer Zhou Qi into the rotation Nba2k18 Zhouqi  or not to VCteam
It is an extreme method to replace those trades with higher ability value than Zhou Qi to strengthen the starting and trading ability value than Zhou Qi. In addition, it is also an extreme method to lose Nene and Blake and let Zhou Qi play the second center of the team, or to lose balmot and one of Nene or Blake and let Zhou Qi play the second power forward of the team
Nba2k18 Zhouqi or not to VC

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