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Sun Yue in NBA

2022-06-23 16:03Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: Why didn't Sun Yue play well in the NBA? WhySun Yue did not participate in the draft in 2007 and was selected by the Lakers in the 40th place in the second round. Although the draft position can no
Why didn't Sun Yue play well in the NBA? Why
SuSun Yue in NBAn Yue did not participate in the draft in 2007 and was selected by the Lakers in the 40th place in the second round. Although the draft position can not fully represent the future career path of the players, it determines the origin and starting point of the players in a certain sense. Sun Yue didn't get the chance to show himself in the Lakers. Kobe Bryant played a total of 28 minutes in his NBA careerHow to evaluate the NBA career of basketball player Sunyue
In his NBA career, hSun Yue in NBAe got a higher level of training system and a higher requirement of tactical system. Here he saw the unprecedented violence aesthetics. Sun Yue's career in the NBA is not brilliant, but it is a great honor to ascend the world's highest basketball palaceWhich team is Sunyue in the NBA
Sun Yue's team is the Los Angeles Lakers, who won the NBA championship today. Sun Yue also won the championship ring, becoming the second Chinese to win the NBA championship. The first one was won by battel in the Spurs
Is Sunyue still in the NBA? Which team does Sunyue play in now
Sun Yue is now in the Beikong men's basketball team and no longer plays in the NBA. NBA period: on June 29th, 2007, Sun Yue was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in the 40th place of the second round at the 2007 NBA draft conference, becoming the fifth player in China to join the NBA after Wang Zhizhi, Bartel, Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian, and also the first player in ChinaWhich team doesSun Yue in NBA Sun Yue play in the NBA
But recently, Sun Yue has been relegated to the NBDL Development League by the Lakers. At present, maybe this decision is also a good choice for Sun Yue. Instead of staying in the NBA, he doesn't play in the Lakers. (this is for sure, the Lakers' goal this year is to win the championship, and they don't have time to train a new player!) Why don't you go to NBDL for exerciseHow good is Sunyue in the NBA
As early as when he was with the Beijing Olympic God team, Sun Yue made great achievements in the ABA League of the United States, and won the attention of many NBA scouts. At that time, he won the nickname of "Chinese magician". Domestic fans have great expectations about when Sun Yue can go to the NBA. After all, it is quite difficult for Chinese guards to enter the NBASun Yue's strength is not strong. Why did he win the NBA championship
Countless Chinese people ridicule Sun Yue's "dog shit luck", but there is really no free pie in the world. HeSun Yue in NBA has tried 11 times to get the chance to join the NBA. "I flew about 30000 miles in the United States and went to any team that gave me a chance to try. I also went to some trial and error teams
What is Sun Yue's annual salary in the NBA
Sun Yue's annual salary in the Lakers is $442114. Sun Yue only spent one year with the Lakers in the rookie season (2008-09). According to the NBA labor agreement, the salary of a rookie during the contract period is determined by the draft order. Therefore, as a second round rookie, Sun Yue's salary is bound not to be too highWhen did Sun Yue join the NBA
Sun Yue entered the NBA in 2008. He was selected by the Lakers in the 40th place in the second round in 2007. He signed with the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA on August 8, 2008 and was laid off by the Los Angeles Lakers on August 1, 2009. On September 15, 2009, Sun Yue signed a contract with the New York Knicks. On October 8, the Knicks terminated their contract with Sun YueHow many points did Sunyue get in the NBA
Sun Yue scored a total of 6 points in the NBA, making a total of 10 appearances. He was also relegated to the NBDL League by the team twice. Detailed data: Score: 6 points. Shooting percentage: 27.3%. 3-pointer: 0 for 6 shots. Rebounds: 0. Assists: 2. Cap: 1. Snatch: 1. Error: 3 times. Fouls: 10
Sun Yue in NBA

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