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NBA live08 NBA live08 keyboard dunk script

2022-06-24 01:46Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: NBA live08 (keyboard) dunk scriptOnly when there is a certain distance from the basket can the NBA Live 2008 dunk play table:All skills of nbalive08Nba2008 operation attack: 1. Q pause 2. E can add di
NBA live08 (keyboard) dunk script
Only when there is a certain distance fromNBA live08  NBA live08  keyboard dunk script the basket can the NBA Live 2008 dunk play table:
All skills of nbalive08
Nba2008 operation attack: 1. Q pause 2. E can add direction keys or not. In normal times, it is a jump. When you press e when playing on your back under the basket, you willNBA live08  NBA live08  keyboard dunk script turn around and shake falsely. The premise is that this player can use this technology. 3. R call teammates to run. When teammates stand still, press R to leave youWhere can I download NBA Live 2008
7. After the installation, copy and paste nbalive08 in the folder hatred. A dialog box will appear and select Yes. 8. After installation, let's start! This is the Chinese hard disk installation version -NBA%20Live%202008。Action keys in nbalive08
Basic: Attack: X pass, s dunk, D shooting, e turn and jump for the ball, a air relay, Q pause, shift acceleration, space passing (short press and long press), C hit the action key of superstar, hjku dribble and shake (if the player just receives the ball but does not dribble, it is with the ball) defense: X substitution<& lt; NBA LIVE 08>& gt; How to operate your keyboard
NBA Live 2008 operation details button settings pass - pass switch player - substitute shot - shoot take charge - make a collision foul PRA hop - jump / hit back / block - rebound / block dunk / lay up - layup / dunk steel - steal turboHow to use the NBA Live 08 player list patch
In nbalive08, after the player list patch is downloaded: Step 1: open the downloaded player list patch and decompress it. Step 2: after unzipping, you will get two files, one is the player patch, and the other is the list of players; At this time, put the player patch into the game root directoryHow to operate nbalive08 version with keyboard
First, I will briefly introduce that x is the pass, shift is the acceleration, e is the block or backboard, C is the play, s is the dunk or layup when defending, D is the shooting when defending, and D is the standing post when defending. There is a little trick. When playing the original live 08, press and hold the D key, and press and hold the opposite direction facing the basket at the same timeWho can tell me how to play NBA Live 08 and its skills
X is the pass / serve, s is the layup / dunk, D is the throw / free throw, shift is the acceleration, C is the play, e is the jump step / breakthrough method: attack 1 Position control control the ball from the outside of the small front (or sub position) of the flank (the side close to the sideline) around the strong attack restricted areaNBALIVE2008 transaction introduction
1. Middle class clause. After using this clause. Even if the total annual salary of the whole team exceeds the upper limit a lot You can also use the average salary of all NBA players in that year (about 5.7m) to sign a free agent Of course, it can also be used for players' contract renewalNbalive08 how to operate
e: Do the action under the basket (the opponent won't defend you with this move before dunking) jump (run-up) / block the cap, grab the backboard a: empty catch / make a foul c: break through, turn aroundNBA live08  NBA live08  keyboard dunk script, squeeze people / get stuck qNBA live08  NBA live08  keyboard dunk script: pause / intentional foul shift: accelerate r: no ball (useless) space: cross the ball, turn around and long press the space to see the player hot zone 08
NBA live08 NBA live08 keyboard dunk script

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