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NBA directory if not changed

2022-06-24 05:34Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: Where is the default installation directory of NBA 2K11I don't know if the landlord has changed the default archive storage location of the game. If it hasn't been changed, archive it to disk CW
Where is the default installation directory of NBA 2K11
I don't know if the landlord has changed the default archive storage location of the game. If it hasn't been changed, archive it to disk CWhere is the NBA2K11 installation directory? What is the installation directory? My game is stored in disk f
!… The installation directory is the directory where the main program of the game is located. Don't you want to install it after you download it? What folder to install it to? This folder is the installation directory of the game. I hope it will be helpful to you and hope to adopt itNba2k22 list archive directory
Click "computer"? Enter "Codex" in the search window? Click "enter" on the keyboard? In the search interface, you can view the "Codex" folder and click to open it__ BA 2k22 puts the whole basketball world in your hands. Start the fast raceWhere is the Android nba2k13 patch? Where is the root directory
The saves are put on the list. The IFF file beginning with PNG is directly placed in the game directory. The game directory contains nba Exe where the game starts, in addition to the list of other patches, floor patches, are placed in the game directory
Nba2k14 directory archiving problem
Glad to answer your question! Please trNBA directory  if not changedy ① to play the game and archive normally ② right click the modifier program ③ select "run as administrator" ④ read and set the game directory ※ thank you for your trust ~~< ( ̄▽ ̄)> Happy every day~
Who can tell me the NBA game catalog~ The most basic schedule announced on the official Chinese website of the NBA. Please don't fill in any more water next time for such a boring question
Where is the nba2k22 root directory
Nba2k22 root directory is in the settings. The mobile phone archive is in the game settings. There is an archive option in the settings, where you can see all the saved. The mobile version is a competitive game with basketball as the theme. It truly simulates the NBA career. You can control the role to start lineup management, player exploration and rookiesList of the top 50 NBA players in active service
Top1 LeBron James' all-around king top2 Kobe Bryant lacks the king of fmvp in the real sense top3 Derek Rose, the new king of Chicago TOP4 Kevin Durant, the poisonous spider top5 Dwyane Wade, the God of the NBA directory  if not changedsouth coast top6 Dwight Howard, the strongest defensive man in history Top7 Chris Paul, the queen of bees Top9 Dirk NoNBA game catalog from 2006 to 2007
Welcome to my post: passion and enthusiasm for NBA to express your good views on NBA I welcome you!!! I hope you can play basketballNBA directory  if not changed better and better, and keep in touch when you are free!! reference material: 。How to find nba2k2012 game NBA directory  if not changeddirectory
Right click to open the folder directory or click search
NBA directory if not changed

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