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Nba2k18 size also depends on version

2022-06-26 15:02Basketball World Cup qualifier
Summary: How much memory is nba2kIt also depends on the version. At present, 2k15 and 16 are both around 40g on the computer, and the computer configuration requirements are relatively high. The computer confi
How much memory is nba2k
It also depends on the version. At present, 2k15 and 16 are both around 40g on the computer, and the computer configuration requirements are relatively high. The computer configuration requirements for versions below 14 are not so high. You can download them from wandering starHow much does nba2k18 cost? Detailed introduction to nba2k18steam purchase method
Step 1 of nba2k18 steam purchase tutorial: the first and most important thing to have a steam account is that you need an account for a game platform. If you already have a steam account, you can go to the next step directly. Step 2: select the game and version. First, search NBA 2k18 in the storeRunning memory 4G, you can play nba2k18 with how high the picture is
Only the minimum special effects can be used. If you need a better game experience, you need to consider upgrading the graphics card and memory. The configuration requirements of nba2k18 are as follows. The source network is for reference only:
Nba2k18 what configurations are required to play the minimum configuration list
Minimum configuration system: Windows 7 64 bit, windows 8.1 64 bit or windowNba2k18 size  also depends on versions 10 64 bit cpu:intel? Core? i3-530 @ 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom? II X4 805 @
Are nba2k18 configuration requirements Nba2k18 size  also depends on versionhigh? Introduction to the minimum configuration requirements of the game
NBA2K9 minimum configuration requirements: system Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 cpu: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz single core processor or memory of the same level: 512 MB memory, Vista requires at least 1GB optical drive: 8x speed at least hard disk space: at least 10.5 GB space graphics card: DirectX 9What are the requirements for the configuration of nba2k18? Detailed explanation of the minimum configuration requirements
NBA 2k18 is a basketball game. 2K officially announced that NBA 2k18 will be officially released on september19,2017, logging into Nintendo switch, PSNs and PC platforms. Consulting 2K officially announced that NBA 2k18 will be launched on psxboxone, PC and Nintendo switchWhat is nba2k? How much memory
NBA 2K is an NBA basketball game produced by Rockstar Games and 2K games under take two interactive. The first edition was released on November 10, 1999. This series of works has the characteristics of all-round NBA experience, exquisite player artificial intelligence and signboard actionsAre nba2k18 configuration requirements high? For details of 2k18 configuration requirements, refer to
Nba2k18 configuration requirements are not high. Please refer to the following configuration requirements for details: minimum configuration: operating system: Windows 7x6Nba2k18 size  also depends on version4 / windows 8.1x64 /Nba2k18 size  also depends on version windows 10x64 processor: intel&\174; Core™ i3-530 @
How much memory does nba2k18 phone need
If the mobile phone needs to download and install software applications, it is recommended to try: 1 Use the browser provided in the mobile phone menu to access the Internet and directly search for the required software for download and installation (the Android version format is APK). 2. use the computer to download the installation package in APK format, and connect the data cable to transmit it to the mobile phoneHow much memory does 2k18 need
2k18 8GB memory is enough. Of course, 8GB or more will have a better effect. Note that no matter how large the physical memory is, do not turn off the virtual memory. Because many core functions of the windows system require the use of paging files (virtual memory)
Nba2k18 size also depends on version

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