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Nba2k17 which position is better

2022-06-23 07:53Live broadcast of Basketball World Cup
Summary: Nba2k17 which position is goodAs a hot position in the NBA, as a small forward, in many cases, he is responsible for scoring and swinging. He has high requirements for the shooting hit rate and scorin
Nba2k17 which position is good
As a hot position in the NBA, as a small forward, in many cases, he is responsible for scoring and swinging. He has high requirements for the shooting hit rate and scoring efficiency. Generally, the hit rate is lower than 40%, so this small forward shNba2k17  which position is betterould sit on the bench, which will put pressure on themNba2k17 keyboard party asking for help
If the numeric keys on the keypad are controlled by two people, it is easier for the player, as an inside scorer, to catch the ball in the air, because the initiative is the outside controller. The player can just press the shooting key x (numeric key 3 on the keypad) at the appropriate time. NBA 2k17 is produced by visual conceptsNba2k17 how to change the shooting action
How to modify the shooting posture of nba2k17: actually, it's not gone, but it's hidden, unlike the direct display of the previous workNba2k17  which position is betters. As the plot progresses, players will participate in an activity called "coach k's party". Friends who are familiar with American basketball must be familiar with this coach. Mikeshashevski, known asHow nba2k17 matches the lineup
Introduction to nba2k17mt mode play. For this game, many little friends may not know about nba2k17mt mode play. Here is the introduction to nba2k17mt mode play by XiaoguNba2k17 MC point guard's height increase and playing method how MC point guard plays
Nba2k17 "in the difficulty of MC career mode Hall of fame, if you choose a point guard to start, how to choose all attributes and what skills are there in the process of playing?"? The difficulty of the hall of fame is really exciting. Let's talk about the defensive end first. Even Rondo can score three points. But in fact, if teammates post it a little closer, the computer will still hit the ironNba2k17 how to trade players
Nba2k17 method of trading players: change the player's position in the player editor, such as changing okafu into a point guard. Once the value is reduced to more than 60, the trading value is one star. Give priority to the head coach and scouts, and select those with high index in those without negative impact. If the index is the same, select those with more special abilitiesNba2k17 career mode training experience what is the use of nba2k17 training
Training experience: this training is divided into two parts: you can train in your own court and the team stadium. The basic mode is that the blue bar on the screen will grow after training, and then the blue bar will increase by a certain proportion of the yellow bar. When the yellow bar is full, you can add some attributesNba2k17 free throw skill 2k17 how to make a high free throw hit rate
Generally speaking, in most cases, the shot time of the free throw is the instant when the player holds the ball up with his palm and the palm is tilted back to the maximum elevation angle (release the right rocker or shooting button). Because each player's free throw speed is different, the holding time in the air varies from long to short. Practice more in the practice modeWho can compete with the warriors
The players' ability value in nba2k17 is the first focus that players pay attention to. Who will be the top of this generation? Xiaobian has brought nba2k17 players' ability vNba2k17  which position is betteralue ranking. Who has the highest ability value in nba2k17? Come and seeWhat do Nba2k17  which position is betteryou think of the shooting bar of nba2k17? Why is it so difficult to shoot
Although the inside line is dead in reality, the inside line of 2k17 has been redone. More movements, more fluent back beating, turning, hook, dream Olajuwon's dream steps. Let's play with those who like inside attack. 2k17 changed physical strength. Now there is a short-term physical strength and a long-term physical strength. When you do something very intense, for example
Nba2k17 which position is better

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