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Nba2k13 Introduction how to play nba2k13

2022-06-24 06:24Live broadcast of Basketball World Cup
Summary: How to play nba2k13The default setting of pass is "comma". It is suggested to change to "space". The default setting of hop step is "period". It is suggested to change to "0".
How to play nba2k13
The default setting of pass is "comma". It is suggested to change to "space". The default setting of hop step is "period". It is suggested to change to "0". The default setting of post up is "right shift". It is suggested to change to "decimal point"
What is the strategy of NBA 2k13 center
Career mode professional difficulty style simulation 12 minutes of playing with the keyboard without any change. At present, the figure value is 69218140 kg, and the center can play 50 points and 20 boards per game. If it is not for grabbing the board, 70 points is not a problem. FiNba2k13 Introduction  how to play nba2k13rst, let's talk about scoring. As we play with the keyboard, we don't have many means. 1:。Nba2k13 how to use self created players
After you create it, you can directly select the characters you create. At first, you will play rookie games, and then you will be favored by three teams. You can choose the rest by yourself. "Nba2k13" is a new work of "nba2k" series. The game is a sports competitive game loved by basketball fansI just got offNba2k13 Introduction  how to play nba2k13 the PSP NBA 2k13. I want to know how to play The first day was abused by the computer
Ha ha, landlord, in fact, you can abuse computers just by playing NBA 2k13. Please go to the settings and change your steals rate, 3-point hit rate and 2-point hit rate to more than 70%. You will find that you are invincible. In fact, this method is to make the landlord familiar with the process and difficulty of the gameNba2k13 MC mode introduction
What position do you want to ask, the main PG to play, first choose PG to recommend two types, one sports type and one three-point type These two completely depend on what you are good at, breakthrough or score The first choice is to run and jump in the early stage And the speed is very expensive at 13 miles (the later one point speed is more than 500 sp
NBA 2k13 keyboard party help! 2k13 keyboard is hard to play
In fact, the key position is very comfortable according to the traditional key position. It is slightly modified: shooting 5, blocking 1, jumping 0, accelerating the keyboard return, dribbling 2468, personal defense shift, passing space. If you turn around, it is subject to your perspective. Press the dribble and cross keys in front of you and in any side direction, for exampleNba2k13 Lakers dynasty trade introduction
First of all, I will change the first round draft rights of magic 1314. It is very easy to change. In the second and third years, I will select the top five players every year. If the Lakers want to create a dynasty, only Howard can be the pillar. Kobe Bryant and Gasol will grow old after playing for less than two yearsNba2k13 career mode novice introduction
The rookie competition is the easiest to get high scores in two situations. One is the PG with assists, and the other is the SG with scores. Before the rookie is young, there is a translation on Baidu. In addition, other websites of nomad XingKong are provided with Chinese packages. The next one will be much easier. I won't elaborate on this. There are many more on the Internet
Nba2k13 keyboard operation method
ManNba2k13 Introduction  how to play nba2k13y players use the keyboard when playing nba2k13, so today Xiaobian will teach you all the operation methods in the keyboard, hoping to help you in the gameIntroduction to NBA 2k13 game lens playback solution
Generally speaking, the first highlight of my second quarter is played back normally (that is to say, you can normally watch the wonderful playback of your first beautiful smash in the second quarter.) and fromNba2k13 Introduction  how to play nba2k13 the second wonderful scene, the problem arises
Nba2k13 Introduction how to play nba2k13

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